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Government Clients

We serve all three levels of government – federal, provincial, and municipal.

That includes Crown corporations and government agencies, coast to coast to coast. And with over 25 years in the business, we know well how government needs differ from corporate needs.

If you’re a government executive, you want more than just media coverage. You’re looking for:

  • people’s opinions
  • business and social trends
  • consumer preferences
  • new directions

That’s why we cover TV, radio, print, Internet, and social media from all over Canada. We’re constantly adding new sources and tweaking current ones. It’s a meticulous process, and it’s how we mine the media landscape effectively and efficiently.

Because Canada is a unique country. It has an enormous geography, distinctive demographics, and an incredibly complex ethnic environment. We know you want more than just coverage by "the pound." You want information from all over Canada and from all Canadians.

At J&A, we monitor thousands of media sources. That’s right – thousands. It’s the country’s most comprehensive coverage, and we customize our service to fit the most demanding budgets.

After all, we’re your partner in the stewardship of public finances. We’ll help you accomplish your mandate and fulfill your public responsibilities. Contact us today to learn more.

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