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How is J&A different?

100% Relevant Content

We manage content that’s relevant to you. It’s a drastically different approach from other media monitoring services, and it means we deliver just the information that makes a difference.

While bombarding you with content may be the norm in our industry, that’s not how we do things at J&A. Instead, we craft detailed media reports customized to your needs. It saves you from sorting through mountains of information.

And we deliver your reports first thing in the morning – when they’re the most useful.

Make them your own with specific media categories, topics, or publications. They’re also mobile-ready, easy to read, and include embedded links.

Exceptional Staff

Need clips? Our dedicated staff edits all clip material for you, so you can spend your time on more important tasks. How about transcripts? We type them verbatim. From the original source. Without sloppy speech-to-text software.

The J&A staff is prompt, professional, and completely unrivaled in this industry. For transcripts and clip orders, we provide faster turnaround than any other Canadian firm – and the quality is second-to-none.

We’re always just a phone call away. Day and night. Including when you’re in a crisis. We never send calls to voicemail or burden you with an endless maze of automated messages. When you call J&A, you’ll speak with a real person. Every time.

Flexible Contracts

We’ve traded fixed terms for flexible terms. It’s an arrangement that fits our clients like a glove. And it helps us deliver exceptional service.

After all, it’s hard to maintain our open approach to media monitoring with a cumbersome contract in the way. We avoid rigid terms so you enjoy a better, more accommodating experience.

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