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Meet our Team


As co-founder of J&A, Julie is a bona fide news junkie who thinks federal elections are the Stanley Cup of politics. If she hadn’t fallen for the wonderful world of media monitoring, she would have been an investigative reporter – anything to stay close to the news.

When she isn’t ridding the world of typos or cheering zealously for her Blue Jays, Julie enjoys testing new recipes on her son, daughter, and long suffering husband. She makes a wicked habanero salsa, all from her garden (when the rabbits allow).


John worked in advertising and PR before founding J&A in 1989. Although he dropped out of Harvard before he ever arrived there, John still managed to study journalism and A/V before getting into the business.

A shade tree economist, John loves Paul Krugman columns, Patricia Highsmith novels, and taking pictures with film. He also writes a regular column for a small Eastern Ontario newspaper. You might catch him eating barely barbecued steaks or blasting Frank Zappa while cruising in his Datsun Roadster.


Stephen is a graduate of McMaster University, where he earned an Honours degree in English literature. His studies in pop culture and social media, combined with an interest in new media technology, led to his joining J&A following graduation in 2006.

He's used his various skills in Audio/Video editing to create various multimedia/machinima fan projects, and often volunteers his time to work on creative writing for a local LARP organization. Being a follower of popular culture, as well as various subcultures, and having a daily investment in politics gives Stephen a unique perspective on the daily news, which he can translate into providing a broad spectrum for our clients. His positive attitude, attention to detail and ability to manage crisis situations are key factors in managing your accounts.

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