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Be ready for the press. Our proactive approach gives you time to prepare your strategic response – before anybody asks questions.

At J&A, we combine human intelligence with cutting-edge technology. It’s how we avoid the flood of irrelevant data that’s typical in this industry. And we cover thousands of media sources from coast to coast – more than any other Canadian firm.

We deliver just the information you need. Nothing more. So you finally have time to take control of your media coverage.

Corporate Clients

Effective media monitoring is more than a “name search” exercise – much more.

For corporate clients, our service takes on several strategic dimensions:

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PR, Communications & Marketing Firms

Your firm serves big-name clients. They demand excellence, and you bend over backward to deliver it.

For public relations firms, communications...

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We serve all three levels of government – federal, provincial, and municipal.

That includes Crown corporations and government agencies...

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