Accessibility Services

As part of our growing array of service offerings, J&A Media is proud to offer new accessibility services to our range of professional content.

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For projects that require you to reach your audience in both official languages, we offer translation of any product, including transcriptions, captioning and accessibility services in both English and French.

Descriptive Transcription

Using our extensive experience in verbatim transcription in both official languages, we are able to create clear, accurate and fully accessible descriptive transcriptions out of any video segment..

Descriptive Audio

For full accessibility solutions, in addition to our descriptive transcriptions, all of our transcripts can be provided as descriptive audio upon request.

Closed Captioning

With our new closed captioning services, you can have the same high-quality transcription services for any video added as a closed captioning track and time-sequenced with the audio.

Open Captioning

Open captioning is available to be burned onto any video or created as a separate track for when you need post-production additions or translations to your videos.
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