There's a plan for every size and type of team

Monitor, Understand, and Influence the world around you

TV and Radio Monitoring

Gives you 24/7, real-time access to all the stories, every topic, and each interview you need. Whether it’s a small business owner or the Prime Minister, our news stories, capture everything that’s relevant to you.

Online Web Monitoring

Discover industry trends and track customer conversations. Measure campaign performance or monitor a developing crisis. Whatever your needs, you can find it in our online monitoring.

Social Media Monitoring

Billions of conversations, people in society are talking about your industry, your competitors, and you. If you’re not paying attention, you’re missing opportunities.

Print Media Monitoring

Traditional Print Media still has a place and a reach in your campaigns. Find top Canadian news publications, or the specialized industry publications you need to stay on top of the daily news.

Competitive Analysis

It’s not only your news but how you perform against your trends and the market. We can track and analyze your results against your competitors through concrete data and easy-to-read reports.

Brand Campaign Monitoring

There is no limit to the scope of your monitoring, we can track your content year over year, or for a single campaign.

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